Astromach Rebar Tying Machine
  • Superior Technology
  • Pan-India service network


Commercial Buildings; Foundations; Road and Bridge construction; Precast Plants; Radiant Heating Tubes; Electrical Conduits


  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Extension Bar
  • Tool Cover


  • Approximately 2,000 ties/charge
  • Reduces tying time
  • Brushless twisting motor
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • One hand operation


  • When compared to hand tying, ASTROMACH Rebar Tiers have been shown to significantly reduce labor costs, tying rebar more than five times as fast. In Customer tests, ASTROMACH Tiers have outperformed other brands by 50% to 80% in tying consistency, tool uptime, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Automated rebar tiers reduce hand, wrist, and forearm injuries while allowing workers to use a free hand to support their trunk (and thereby reduce back disorders) when tying.
  • Workers can tie rebar, standing if the extension handle-bar was used with a Rebar Tier, workers were able to tie rebar while standing erect, minimizing trunk flexion, and, therefore, lost-time back injuries.
  • Pan-India authorized service center with factory-trained mechanics.
  • We maintain adequate inventories of tools, wire, parts, and accessories.