Astromach cordless auto-feed screw driver
  • international technology
  • pan-india after sales service


  • reachargeble batteries
  • battery charger
  • driver bits
  • wood/drywall nosepice
  • storage bag

features and benefits:

  • 3000-5000 rpm high speed motor
  • li-ion technology
  • variable speed trigger
  • easy screw length adjustment
  • driver depth adjusment with depth lock
  • right or left hand adjustment


  • drywall to wood
  • drywall to steel
  • cement board
  • sheating to wood
  • underlayment and flooring
  • fibre glass backed gypsum sheathing
  • sheathing to steel
  • wood decking
  • metal framing
  • structural steel decking

super fast speed.compact yet powerful battery powered "astromach cordless auto-feed screwdrive" provides the ultimate in performance and flexibility for the most demanding drywall installation projects.

li=ion battery power provides the freedom to work without the hassles and safety concerns that come with power cards.

designed to place screw right up to corner where mast auto-feed screw drivers fail. huge savings in labour cost and high speed completion of projects.
consistent and superior fastening properties that result in uniform finish of the drywall surface.